BESTCCLS is the company you can turn to for managing any control or layout issues.
If you have a problem, BESTCCLS delivers a solution.

BEST Construction Control & Layout Services, Inc. provides quality Construction and Land Surveying services and the professional leadership you need during your entire project, from the preliminary phase through completion. We are committed to bringing you the BEST service available with:

  • Project Dependability & Quality Assurance: With a combination of Construction and Land Surveying services, BESTCCLS is able to provide support for project supervision, engineering, quality control and the various crafts involved in every stage of a project.
  • Professional, Experienced Crew: From our CAD Techs to Crew Members, BESTCCLS employs the best! BESTCCLS is fully insured and employs certified, OSHA 30-trained leaders and union affiliated crew members. With centuries of experience between them, we believe our construction and land surveyors are the most knowledgeable and skilled in the industry.
  • Cutting Edge Surveying Capabilities: BESTCCLS utilizes GPS/RTK and Robotic Scanning Total Station whenever it is determined to be the best choice for the job. We employ a dual GPS constellation unit and our own base unit. GPS/RTK and robotic surveying can be used economically for practically any civil project where quantity and expediency may outweigh the need for first order accuracy. The scanning capability of our IS 9000 allows us to collect as-built data in inaccessible or hazardous areas without added cost or endangering employees.
  • Conventional Surveying Methods: There are applications that require conventional surveying techniques.  We own and operate 1 and 2 second total stations with prism-less distance meters, and digital levels.
  • Quality Equipment & Systems: BESTCCLS brings equipment to the project that’s certified for accuracy by N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and constantly monitored for deviation from specification. If any equipment operates out of spec, we take it out of service and repair or replace it immediately. We maintain a log of all equipment detailing maintenance and routine inspection.
  • Guaranteed Work & Service: BESTCCLS is fully insured and we take every precaution to prevent mishaps and comply with the most stringent project specifications. We provide clients with a thorough review so that expensive mistakes and disruptions of schedules can be avoided.  All information received from our client (contract drawings, RFIs, etc) is checked by our experienced office staff for any discrepancies prior to layout.  If a discrepancy is found, BESTCCLS promptly reports this to the client, so the issue can be resolved–minimizing costly impacts. BESTCCLS believes that protecting our client’s interest and providing layout correctly the first time are our two most important goals. To date, BESTCCLS is proud to report we have never had an insurance claim against us!
  • Competitive Pricing: BESTCCLS provides high quality construction control and land surveying services at a competitive price. Most all calculations for layout in the field are done in the office by one of our experienced cad operators.  This method allows the field crew to concentrate on production–while a less costly employee concentrates on calculations.  Generally, all billed hours for our field crews are for on-site activities, not for driving down the road looking out the window.