Office Personnel

Senior CAD Operator

Bringing nearly 20 years of surveying CAD experience to the company, Mr. Morris specializes in preparing lift drawings and layout data for field crews, reducing field crew time and making field crews simply more productive. He produces RFIs and FYIs as he digests information provided for construction, and also as built drawings when required. Lonnie has been an instrumental staff member in the successful construction of Sound Transit’s Beacon Hill Light Rail Tunnel and the Maintenance Facility Projects in Seattle, WA.

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As Comptroller, Ms. Dallas adds over 30 years experience and honesty, integrity and patience to her job title. Taking a down to earth approach to her position gives both our clients and staff a genuine warm feeling about whatever business is being transacted with her. She shares the caring, service-oriented spirit BESTCCLS believes makes us so great to work with.

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Office Manager & Bookkeeper

No BESTCCLS job is complete until the paperwork is finished! To make sure invoicing, certified payrolls, credits and discounts, are managed accurately and in a timely manner, we turn to our Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Ms. Reeves. Michelle brings over 15 years of experience to our team. Her breadth of knowledge in accounting and related accounting software has earned her a “key personnel” position.

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